The Top 250 Companies that Offer H-1B Visas

The list that every international student studying in the US needs

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You asked, we answered. We're releasing the information that every international student in the US needs: A list of companies that offer H-1B visas.

The Top 250 list includes:

  • A curated list of the Top 250 companies across all industries that filed for H-1B in 2016
  • Insight into which jobs and occupations receive H-1B
  • Data-based insights on best method to use to get an interview
  • Links to recruiter profiles on LinkedIn for outreach and contact information
  • Direct links to each company's career website, internships opportunities, and global opportunities (where applicable)

When you join this course, you don't just get companies. You also get:

  • 2-year access to company profiles
  • Updates when information changes
  • Additional strategies to find companies that hire international students in the US
  • Priority application status for the online class How to Get a Job in the US
  • 25% discount on exclusive monthly webinars and future courses to support your internship or job search

This is the list you need for your search. Sign up so you don't miss out.

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Nicolle Merrill
Nicolle Merrill

I'm the founder of GlobalMe School. I'm a former international MBA career coach at Yale School of Management. At Yale SOM, I coached students to land positions at top employers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IDEO, as well diverse organizations from top-tier consulting firms to startups. I partnered with recruiters across the world to understand emerging trends and opportunities in technology, design and innovation, and energy industry spaces.

I'm obsessed with the future of work and helping college students learn the skills they need beyond graduation. I'm a career coach who helps you navigate any job search, impress employers, and get what you want. I design courses and workshops that encourage students to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills.

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